Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Made presents for Ella's Birthday

Vintage pillowcase dresses for Ella. These were so easy. I made them each in like 20 min. Here is a link on how to make a similar dress.

I also made her this tinkerbell outfit. I like making her barbie clothes, because I know they will last. Barbie hands rip out the sleeves of those cheaper barbie clothes all of the time. The wings are already coming apart, but they are just whip stitched on. I think I will take them off and and make ones out of tights and a wire hanger to slip on over her shoulders with elastic.

She wasn't very enthusiastic when she received the home made presents at her party, but hopefully they will last a long time, and she will remember when she's older.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I finally finished these!!

So I never saw fabric banners like I saw my sister-in-law Candace's on Etsy. They were so adorable they inspired me to make ones out of vintage handkerchiefs. That was about 1 year ago, and they are finally finished. Sparklepower on the left, and LiliaRose on the right.

Thanks so much for the inspiration, Candace. I'm sending you a banner I made just for you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ella's birthday party pictures

Behind her are streamers with white balloons at the top. It was overcast. I thought it would look like a raining cloud, but it didn't. Stacey made the awesome cake. It tasted awesome.
I love the girls in this picture. Katlyn was shaking with excitement, and you can see Makayla wants to open presents too.
I made a flounder pinata that the kids kicked. Some of the moms were nervous, but no one got hurt. I still stand by what a genious idea it was.
I forget how excited kids get for parties. I love the restraint that it took for just Ella to blow out the candles. Noah seems to be just as happy blowing into mom's hand.

All in all it was a good party. The kids had a good time. I got some good pistures of the kids. A few are on my flickr. Text me your email if you want to see more.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ella's Birthday dress

Ella picked out the fabric and everything. She made me guess what was in her pockets today. I really wanted her to know how old she is today. I thought the giant 3 would do the trick.

The best part of this picture is Ella's knee. She still has a fat crease from when she was a baby. Long body short legs. Also Ella casually used this picture to flip the bird. Another P.S. I rushed to finish this dress this morning so we could go out in it on her actual birthday, and ended up putting the zipper in backwards. I'll have to flip it before her party on Saturday.