Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So It is Done. I started this quilt while I was pregnant with Graham. I finished it just before his birthday in December.
Yes this beautiful quilt is lying in my driveway in this picture. My house has very little windows and my grass has quite a bit of dog poop on it. No, I don't have a dog, but i do have shitty neighbors. Any way getting back too awe and amazement - I love this quilt. It makes me so happy that I've made something so awesome for my kid. It never works out that way. I make lots of things for everyone else, but not this time. It's wearing pretty well too. It's already been through many washes.

I also pieced together 2 other circles of this Sendak illustration. It only took me a year and half to finish this one, we'll see when I share the others with the world.