Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vintage trim giveaway

This is about 21 over 3 yard pieces of vintage lace, ribbon, and trim. All pictured above. I have been hoarding a lot of ribbon over the years, I think it is time to share. I am also including a vintage cross-stitched cotton square neck collar. It is all held in a Swedish gingersnap tin. It still smells like gingersnaps.

***To enter please check out my etsy shop, and leave a comment about what you think on this posting. One good thing and one bad thing. An extra entry for posting this raffle anywhere on the internet.

Oh, and the raffle ends next Wednesday May 20th 12:00 p.m. (pacific).


  1. Is it fair for me to win twice? I think your shop is awesome. I love that you list often. It makes me excited to check back all the time to see what's new. I can't think if anything bad. Maybe I'd say some of your photographs....but those are looking really awesome & crisp lately. thanks to that new camera, right?

  2. I love my new camera. I've had it for a while and I need to see what it can do. I also have some trouble with lighting. Do you just need to photograph in the right time of the day?

  3. Hi Lil
    What a lovely shop you have. Your jewellery is great and my daughter loves the horses :)
    Anything bad? Well, I can't think of anything bad and it would not be fair of me writing the first time on your blog and complaining about something.

  4. Lil, I love your shop and this post is great. The lace is beautiful and I love that you post so much new stuff. I am always excited to look at it. I love this Set of 2 Pyrex Mixing bowls Verde- it reminds me of a set my mom had. As far as bad??? Nothing really- try and get your giveaway listed on it is easy and free. it can get you more hits probably. Love ya!

  5. Your shop is precious...I am so glad you had this giveaway listed n Etsy Giveaway's because it has led me to a great new seller!

    O.K. one good thing---the red oval framed illustration in your shop is phenomenal. Seriously. I promised my husband I wouldn't buy any more pictures for awhile but--that one needs to be mine:)

    As far as one bad thing? Um...well...your Etsy shop is adorable but, I would love it if you had an easy "followers" link on your blog. It makes it much easier to keep up with cool new sites, rather than all the copying and pasting to get it in blogger:)

    <3 sarasophia

  6. Posted your giveaway on Twitter here:

    Thanks! and I really hope to win!


  7. i love all the great vintage items in your shop! i added you to my faves so hopefully i can buy something soon! I cant think of anything bad!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  8. I am happy to find your blog and Etsy shop!! I love that all of your things are unique and rare. I went straight to the vintage jewelry of course,and found many lovely pieces:)
    Nothing bad or negative at all!!
    Maybe if anything some advice about what i have noticed before,in the jewelry section,the use of models are used for showing off how the the jewelry hangs but is definitely not that important.
    I added you as a favorite , so much pretty lace that i also love!!

  9. Wow, you have a lot of great items in your shop! The variety is also amazing. I love the framed prints/illustrations/etc. One suggestion I have would be not to include the measurements of lace/ribbon/etc in the title but rather put it in description.

  10. I love everything in your shop especially your Light green vintage frame! As for something bad, I really have nothing except to maybe organize your etsy sidebar better. Great shop!

    lensimpressions AT gmail DOT com

  11. Wow-I love the variety you have in your shop. I really had to look hard for a bad thing to comment on-some of the pictures of the jewelry weren't the best-or didn't show the complete item.
    i'd love to win this.

  12. The round flower tin is really cute. I love the colors and pattern. I think the bird pendant that used to be an earring is a great way to use a lost it's mate piece!
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  13. I think that one good thing is that you accept personal checks as some people are not as tech savvy about paying by credit card and using paypal. You have a lot of adorable items!

    One bad thing is that you allow people to reserve items for seven days if they can't afford to purchase. While, it's very kind, it ties up your items for an entire week and you can't be sure people will definitely buy the item.

  14. wow what a great giveaway! :) your shop is great too! i am really into vintage right now and just thought this was so cute . i think you have a great banner, and use all your tags well. your policies page looks great. i really couldnt think of any thing bad, except that one or two photos seemed kind of dark. but thats it. it all looks great to me! :)

  15. Hi! Love your shop! I'm sorry but I can't think of anything bad to say. Your pics all look good to me and your prices are great!

  16. What a wonderful shop and giveaway! One good thing -- it's ALL good. I can't really think of anything negative, except maybe have your main photograph of the jewelry items on a model? I'm reaching here!

  17. What a sweet giveaway! Your shop is great! I love the trims and tins! ( I hearted you for shopping later) I'm a sucker for tins.:)
    On the constructive side- maybe new first pictures for your pretty frames (off the ground)?
    Good luck with the giveaway!

  18. You have some awesome treasures in your shop. Love all the pretty tin cans.
    what a great give away, too. I am so hoping to win!!!

  19. Ooohhhh, vintage trims! I'd love to use those on some things I'm making for my little girls! I love the vintage things in your shop including the Garth Williams framed illustrations! Those would be great for a childs room! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Very cute stuff in your shop! Maybe try to make item description/titles more concise

  21. Adorable shop!! Love the Sarah Coventry Flower bud necklace.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  22. I love your items. They are beautiful finds. The thing I think that could be improved is putting your items on lighter backgrounds to photograph some of them. Make it look brighter and cheerier!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    I like Mary Janes! wish my girl was still that little they are a bargain at $5.

    I don't like the dot paper background you photographed some items on its to busy.

    Very nice shop.
    If I win I'd use the trim to make a little crazy quilt.

  24. I like the variety of things in your store, and the photography is nice. I think you may get more impulse buyers if you listed international shipping and said you'd refund overcharges, instead of asking them to convo you.


  25. Okay, good things first! I love your Sewn by Me pillows. Bad thing- you could use some more Sewn By Me stuff! I'd like to see you put that vintage trim to use! I wish I could sew.....if I could I would make all kinds of stuff. I might give it another try if I win, start small. Thanks for the giveaway.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com